What Is the Meaning of Life?


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Of course no one knows.
But I do know what you’d get
If there was one.
What is it? Simple.
An answer.
Maybe we 
Are meant to question life
And never have them answered. 
Even for those who never ask,
They might have found one anyway.
Or maybe another reason
Is to just live and live
For a second or ten decades,
Never mind if we wanted to or not.
We can be accidents with a purpose
Or inventions to cause accidents,
But we are here.
That should be enough.
After all, some mysteries are best left
Some over-think this question
And forget to garnish their own bits
Of meaning to their veins.
Some don’t concern themselves
As long as their blood is still warm,
And continue to rise and rise
In their own ways.
Some are desperate for answers
And create their own,
Just to have that strength
To simply live and live.
Some resolve to the mere
“Just because”
And forget the question ever existed.
One thing is for sure:
There is bound to be 
One or more meanings 
Of Mr. and Mrs. Life.
Even no answer 
Is a good enough answer.
But the first step to having one, 
(If you ever wanted it)
Is to create your own;
Whether right or wrong,
It’s all up to you.
And that, my fellow strangers,
The answer to this question
Would involve an answer.
The thing is,
We have yet to find one
Or not.



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