What Makes Us Suffer?


Sitting in the park under a tree.
Watching all the people enjoy their lives.
They all look happy, … very jolly.
A husband playing with his kids and his wife.
Some guy playing fetch with his dog.
Even the dog is having a good time.

Not having to worry about a thing.
Lives his life with every chance he gets.
Day in, day out… seems nothing but fun.
Running after balls, chasing after sticks.
Why can’t I be more like a dog?
Instead of having to deal with this.

I can’t take it anymore I just can’t.
It’s painful to sit there and rot.
Everyone looks happier than me.
They… they’re so happy… and I’m… just not.
Why do We have to be cursed to suffer?
Why can’t I be more like a dog?

It’s like everyone wants me to suffer.
To be in pain… to be all alone.
Not have anyone there beside me.
Not have a friend… not have a home.
Dogs feel like this, sometimes… so UNwanted.
We just turn away… and walk… all alone.

I remember, those days I spent alone.
They were so cold and they were so hungry.
They were full of emptiness and hate.
I was so cold … so angry,
Not at you, but at my Trust in you.
Those scars run deep inside this torn body.

Everything I touch seems to shatter.
I think it’s best if I stay away.
Not touch anything or anyone.
That’s the best option, I must say.
I’ll leave… alone… suffer in pain.
I’ll take this curse with me to my grave.

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