What Makes a Poem

Words rhyming that was all I knew,
But no it became so much more
It's art that shows emotion vivid to the reader in ways like sound

Ahh yes the sound never silent
Beautiful horrific or strong
Always a powerful message booming from the conch

And I love how it makes me feel --
For I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
To feel is the strongest emotion
For I can feel the words from a paper or the words from a song

I can smell the love of a love letter like roses and sweet perfume or taste the grieving tears and copper blood stained smudges of a bleeding heart

Lastly, they say seeing is believing well I can see it all
I can see people and colors or spring and fall
I can see their fears or dreams
As if I am there in the writer's mind

Poems are little quirky things you know
Sometimes they rhyme and sometimes they don't
But what makes a poem through and through
Is that it tells a story to provoke emotion
Or rather, you can't help but feel emotion
Which must be the best part of all

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