What Makes Me Tick?


United States
28° 52' 36.7932" N, 81° 41' 44.1024" W
United States
28° 52' 36.7932" N, 81° 41' 44.1024" W

It's summer, it's time to sit around and reflect

I have nothing else to take up my time to protect

Myself from the time-wasting, hobby-making Internet

That's about as interesting as my summers get.

I dabble heavily in fanfiction, caught in a rut

I want to write something truly original, but

I've got fans, projects to which I am tethered

It's a wonder how much Internet drama I've weathered

I'm not about to say that I've got a hard life

Yet from this drama I have found strife

Strife and anger which I am now moving past

In the time it takes for this summer to cast

Aside my anger, my frustrations to the wind

I know that I have a lot of time to spend

My imagination is ripe, ready, bursting with ideas

School, personal stuff and insomnia have burdened me

But I know that as long as I just keep moving on forward.

I will find my place in the real world.

That's all I have to say, now let's hope my life in virtuality

Does not at all affect my future in reality.


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