What makes me happiest--Living beautifully in a world of simple

Live Beautifully


Life is only what you do in the short time you have

Life is the time you spend filling your lungs

Life is the simple things that make it

Life is the things you cannot fake

The simple things that no one enjoys

Living beautifully in a world of simple



What makes life enjoyable?

Dancing around the kitchen to songs you wouldn’t dare listen to normally

Waking up early on Christmas morning

Hiking up a mountain your lungs begging for air

It’s the view from the top when you’ve made it there

Having a cherry pit spitting contest

Wearing new ballet shoes for the first time

Stepping on stage for the two minute dance after months of working

Putting on your favorite shirt in the morning and thinking…Damn…

Your first pay check, and spending that check

Laughing uncontrollably with your best friend

Hugging someone that smells delightful

Freshly baked cookies

Cuddling with your mom after a hard day

Getting flowers

Putting princess costumes on as a little girl, and still wanting to be a princess at 17

Smiling for no reason cause you’re all about that cheesin’

Living beautifully in a world of simple

One only sees the stress life brings

If we step back to take a look at the things

That no one sees

Life would change and people would be

Taken from their tunneled vision to a world of simple things

Living beautifully in a world of simple


Finding the beauty in what I see

Is challenging none the less

What I love best comes from life at rest


Being sore after a long workout

Laying out watching the stars

Listening to a song in the car wind blasting through your hair

Water balloon fights

Nailing hard choreography for the first time

Girly chick flicks that make you sob

We can only change how we are impacted

We may have what we need, but it comes from within as well

Living beautifully in a world of simple


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