What Makes Me Flawless



I love this country, why would I not?

So I sat down one day, and gave it a thought.


What a beautiful place, so awesome and bright,

But It wouldn’t had been, without a good fight


The men who died, for people they didn’t know

But they stood up for what was right, what we all know.


What makes me flawless, isn’t my looks

Or even my knowledge, of the textbooks


I am flawless because I will, defend my Home

No matter the cost! I’ll write it in stone!


I’ll give my life, it will be my career!

To protect these people, the things I hold dear.


The Air Force, is where I want to be!

High in the sky, so fast and so free


I won’t do it for passion, or glory, or fun

I’ll do it so you don’t have to pick up a gun.


That’s why I’m flawless, so perfect, so bright.

Because when our lives are threatened, I’ll step forward and fight


To serve and protect

For the people,I have the up most respect.

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