What is Love?


What is love?

his pitiful weeping, hunched shoulders shaking like a 9.5 earthquake

his pain, sudden and hot, the mind is blank, but the body still feels

his screams of agony, he'sdeadhe'sdeadhe'sdead

his moans of grief, a reminder of loneliness

his endless tears, for every drop holds a memory, and every drop holds him dear

What is love?

her gentle embraces, comforting with the scent of home and love

her soft words, reassuring and sweet

her warm arms like a silk cocoon, encasing and protecting as only a mother could

her laughter and sweet nothings, innocent and naive

her smiles and laughing eyes, cherished and held dear

What is love?

their screaming matches, loud shrieks and diatribes

his unbridled fury, crackling and smouldering like flames and smoke

the sound of skin against skin, fists against fists

her crashing plates, slamming doors, the silence of a gunshot

What is love?

the pain of the heart, shattered and scattered

a torrent of tears, the war paint of a broken heart

glassy eyes, unseeing yet clear

the recovery, for an unrequited love moves on

What is love?

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