What Love Is

They say, "Love is blind."

So why are we so blind to fact that love is love?

We see a man and a woman get married,

and it must be love.

Together they can make life,

something a man and a man, or a woman and a woman cannot do.


But love,

Love is not the ability to reproduce.

Love is much more than that.

We see a man and a man get married,

and we wonder what our world has turned into...

How could a man possibly love another man?

That's not the way love is supposed to be.

But love,

Love is not "supposed" to be anything.

Love simply is what love is.

Love is not the attraction between a man and a woman,

Love comes from the heart,

not from the body...

Love is not something you can just choose for yourself.

Love comes to you.

Love is a beautiful thing,

we need to appreciate it as it is.

Between a man and a man,

A man and a woman,

A woman and a woman.

Love is Love.


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