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You know I've been thinking a lot about life this crazy life that we all live, some days I look at life and say why because so many bad things happen to such good people but then there's days like today when I look into the eyes of my son and I realize that life couldn't be any better than what it is now. I may not be rich I may be struggling with my bills I don't have a beautiful mansion or the nicest clothes but I do have an amazing little boy that loves me unconditionally and a supportive family that will have my back no matter what I do and yes some of the choices that I had made and things I have done wrong but life is all about making choices sometimes those choices are good sometimes they're bad you're supposed to learn from your mistakes and your bad choices you make in life not beat yourself up or harp on them for the rest of your life because then you will end up miserable. Family is everything stay close to your loved ones, please enjoy the little things but most importantly is always say I love you because you never know if it will be the last time you say it. So say it with emotion and mean it with pride because we are not guaranteed another day of this life, what a ride. 

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My family
My country
Our world
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