What is Life?

What is life?

Does it exist in the form of a blooming flower?

Beauty and happiness dripping from its petals

Does it exist in the form of a child?

Ignorance and bliss keeping horrors away

Or does it harbor a darker meaning?


Is life the cry of a teenager?

Screaming for help as she is degraded in the alley

Is life the flow of blood?

The river created by those who see no other meaning in their existence

Is life the scream of a woman?

Who is merely a play toy for the man holding the gun to her head


What is life?

It must be only what we see

Some see only the blooming flower and ignorant child

Some see only the river of blood and screams as lights are extinguished from one’s eye

Ignorance is bliss as they say

What do you say life is?

What do you see?


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