What is Life?


I don’t know what life is.. 

but I have an understanding of it..


Take a seat,

and think real hard.



Open your mind.


Question yourself,

about all that is real

in this world that we see,

that we feel,

that we know.


I often find my memories, fading into obscurity. 

and then suddenly, i lose that sense..

that sense of, being in-touch with reality.


I am the Observer. I am existence.

You are existence.

You’re are Me, I am You. 

We are She. We are He. We are We.

and we Exist.

this is absolute.

but what Is life?

Life that is,


Life that is,

a seemingly surreal blur-

Life that is,


Life that is,


yet everything.


tell me the facts of life, so I can believe..

in it- in me- and in you.


I need to know what is real,

in this world that is so dignified

yet- so full of the unknown.

in this life, that is like a clock..

constantly progressing, continuing,

without any interval,

a single moment of clarity.


it’s hard to gather up the thoughts,

once they are out there.. moving about-


But once you collect them, you’ll see

Life is not Dream.

We are here, We are now.

We aren’t science,

we aren’t religion. 

But we are something- and we have a meaning, 

we all do.

and it’ll be found,  if we just open our mind.

be the observer-

clear your thoughts

and just watch, 

feel, and experience.

it’s all just an experience.

and in the end- it does not matter what happened,

just that we got passed it. 

And like Ghandi,

find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest.. 

Do not judge the universe.


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