For what its worth


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A picture is worth a thousand words but a poem is priceless. Often mistaken, misconstrued, interpreted completely different from the intended, a poem is but its creator dispersing their innermost thoughts merely to descend. Objects of this world, humans: boys, men, women, and girls age change and come to an end. A picture objectively looks from the outside, a poem grows subjectively from within. Descend in this case is but an attempt to highlight that a poem ascends the right side of the brain, the ambitions, goals, thoughts however outlandish, abstract or sane. The latter word of which in many cases is used to maintain, In my case Im not the same, with no desire for acclaim, no need to aid sane. Poetry to me is simply a picture of the constantly changing mind at its written point in time. And as said earlier a picture is worth a thousand words, give or take, while this poem, this mental picture does not equate to that phrase, it can, will and is being divulged in a thousand different ways, more powerful than a picture, a now complex interwoven tapestry of the thoughts of all who have read, written, and are discussing poetry. Poetry is priceless


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