What is it to live?


"You only live once",

is what they say.

But what does that mean?

To live is to love, 

but you don't only love once.


You love your friends,



and that boy from high school who gave you your first kiss. 

You love those days

of skipping class

with your best friends

and sneaking off to get McDonald's during dreadful Mr. Smith's third period.

You love your home, 

home-cooked meals,

and the front door that opens to the lingering aroma of your mother's favorite Yankee Candle. 


I can write 

'I love him!'

in permanent pink Sharpie on the blank bathroom stall 

over and

over and

over and


but I can't write it at that same exact moment,

feeling those exact emotions

ever again. 


You see, 

the truth that they aren't telling us 

is that you live constantly,

but you can only write


And what you write 

in that one moment

in that bathroom stall

will live on forever...

leaving your mark,

letting you live forever, too,

and not just once.


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