What Is It That I am Talking About?


What would it be like being "shipped?"

Does it mean being with someone on this big ship

That will never be ripped?

And that person will always be with the other on this long trip?

 I found out what it is supposed to be

The definition is rather boring compared to mine

At least it is similar so that's good for me.

It also brought me closer to something of mine.


There was this one time I was at this pool,

I did not feel like jumping at the spot

But my friends pushed me into the clear pool

I was startled at first but then I felt comfortable at this calm spot.

I did not get mad so everything's cool.

Besides, I like how the pool's neither cold or hot,

So my friends and I have fun around the pool.

I will never forget this little funny plot.


Red represents aggression and passion.

It is in most of the love stories which I find cliche.

Blue represents despair and depression.

That is what sums up the tragic love stories which I also find cliche.

Yellow represents friendship and felicity.

This describes the people who choose their friends over causing regret.

Green represents harmony and puerlity.

How funny of God to put me in this little set that I once didn't know of yet.


My friend and I gone for a little roam.

We were searching for something but the sun was getting dim.

My friend was complaining about going home.

I tried telling him to stay a little but there's no point in begging him.

He left and plainly said goodbye.

I did not find what I was looking for, but I found a gem that's so fine.

The green gem made me forget about the dark night sky.

What makes it valuable to me is that it is forever mine.







Cindy Duong

I made this poem a little easy to understand while also making it hard to understand. See if you can interpret the hidden messages.

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