What is it about people?

They drive me 

like a clean cut Lambo

down the A1A

with my hair in the wind


They make me

like a dishwasher

violently correcting

with the voice hitting the ceiling


They show me

like a child

catching little moments

with a butterfly net at sunset


They remind me

like an over the shoulder smile

hinting a tone of admiration

with a bit of shy


They tell me

like a wandering gypsy

why life is better

with open eyes and closed mouths




people of our world,

the Earth,

her little universe

holding us in 

like a precious snowglobe. 

People do things

say things

bring things

love things

hate things

sweet things

wonderful, sweet, amazing things.


What is it about people?

That makes me love 

everything else

so much more. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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