What if there wasn't any snow?

What If there wasn't any snow?


There wasn't any children hitting eachother with snowballs.

No Merry White Christmas Holiday phone calls.

No dreaming of  "a white Christmas",

and the point I'm trying to make is this...


What If there wasn't any snow?


Would Christmas exist? Probably.

But, what about all the newly invented technology?

Now we we wouldn't need salt to cover the ground,

and snowplows wouldn't even be around.


What If there wasn't any snow?


The homeless would still be homeless,

and invertabrates still boneless.

I believe that if there wasn't any snow things would still be the same.

People would still do things with no shame.


So, What If there wasn't any snow?


Time would still go on,

Signets still turn into swans.

What was the point of this poem you may ask?

Let's just say its hidden behind a 'mask'.



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