What I Would Give

White washed windows

on a rusted pane,

the remnants of your laugh.

I should have grown strong

day by day, 

but my knees fell too weak

and you slipped through my guard.

Oh, the sweet smell of butterscotch

and whiskey

mixed into your breath

as I lay on the fresh cut grass

in the middle of June.

I gave up all I had for you

my house, my money, my body, my love, my life

take it all

and return to me as you always did

with nothing. I'll take a sip of lifelessness

as you take a sip of spirit.

I'll drink in my love for you 

as you lick a drop of poison from your lips.

None of the taste on my mouth is yours,

none but the bottle

you hold closer to you than I.

We grew distant,


forever I'm the lock

you're the key

to the contradiction of us.

Oh, what I would do

to smell butterscotch and whiskey

planted upon my cheek

again and again.

What I would still give to you

to get the slouched belly 

full of whiskey

at my front porch

looking out to see you whither away,

fade into my thoughts.

Only to leave me staring out the

white washed windows

on a rusted pane, 

the only remnants of your laugh





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