what i would Change "FAME"


what would i change

the strangest thing

the dimond rings

 the most valuable thing

its funny how FAME can change 

the level of  respect in exchange for pain

we grow up with nothing and cherish

the rain,but when FAME  came

it changed the brian

FAME changed the the people called my name 

Fame is what i would change

i look FAME in the eyes and say

God said were all created the same

so who's to say your value changed

its FAME

the most populoar kid in school

values his/her FAME

but the person in the background

who no-one know his name

there calling him lame

he went there for four years

still no-one know his name

its FAME

FAME  can change the game 

stay true to your character

dont let it change your name

its FAME 

if icould change one thing 

it would be FAME

FAME makes the simplest things bring you pain

its FAME

say you did it for your mom

but she has nothing to show for it

not the money, cars, clothes 

could make her smile 

she loved your style 

FAME changed the game

but know the game changed 

im changing FAME













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