What I Would Change

I would fix your smile, it never seems right
Maybe it's because it's not shiny or white
Or maybe that it isn't there

I would fix your hair, it has such a strange lay
You do it without a comb in your own way
Or maybe I just miss it

I would fix the way you read a book
You scan your eyes but never look
Or maybe I'm just jealous

I would have tried to fix your life
Made it right, become your wife
Or maybe I'm lying

In the bed you alone will stay
Until life finally takes me away
Or maybe I'm just hoping

I would have changed your sullen eyes
Your silent ways of letting out cries
Or maybe I wouldn't have

I would have tried to change it for you
After all that we had gone through
Or maybe I wouldn't know how

I would have change what I didn't do
But because I couldn't, I lost you
And that's what I would change

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Our world
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