What I Want You to Know

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:01 -- amrg3

I want you to see

See beyond the masquerade that the wanderers in the hallway notice

See beyond the eighty different shades of color that my hair fluctuates between

See beyond these words on a page and see that they’re more than just letters shoved together

Because sometimes I hide behind these things


I want you to memorize

Memorize the planes of the palms of my hands as if they were your own

Memorize the feeling of the scars along my spine and across my collarbone

Memorize the color patterns of my eyes in all of the different lights in which you’ve seen me

Because they are part of who I am


I want you to know

I want you to know that the exact moment when our eyes meet makes my heart stop

I want you to know that my past is a graphic novel of blurred lines and late nights, heartbreaks and stop lights

I want you to know that no matter what people say, I will always be here

Because I know that deep inside, somehow,

This is meant to work


(copyright 2013 AMRG3)


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