What I Want?


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       What I want, i still dont know i was raised on the saying " everything that glitters aint gold" soul searching for the perfect person, I want your loving deeper than the deepest motion. I have seen so much and felt so little What do i want? while im stranded in the middle, Im the monkey to our middle toss it while i catch, What do i want? i have no clue yet, i simply want the perfect but dont know if im worth it. It cut me deep, the that lie you told, i fell in love stupidity lost myself i dont know where i went or where to go.      i have been ranmbling on, like one of those catchy songs, i have not been able to say what want... i want the life of star beautiful and bright but who knows if it will be okay and ill live a long life see the stars ive incountered have died, and no one seemed to care about them when they were alive, maybe i wanna be a beachbum and teach young,  make up songs and scream a loud forver young, what i want ill never know and thatll drive me insane, because what i want ill never know because i live in a world full of cold and what i want will never matter to you.    

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