What I See


It’s just another number, another family, another man. Get over it they say, they just don’t understand. That inside I feel unloved and denied. 

Now he’s gone

It’s empty

No shoulder to cry on

It’s not just a split, a divorce, or more. It’s a tear in the heart that four years later is still sore. 

I didn’t mean it

It’s not about you

I left your mother-not you two

But how could you say such a thing when you see, you chose her over my brother and me.

So when I cry, I scream, or even lash out; remember you chose her and didn’t cast any doubt. 

Move on

Accept it

It’s over now

It’ll never be over, no ending, no closure. I only was five once in my life, but you choose to spend it with her to your delight. My brother and me, we’re not perfect you see. But what we want is one simple little thing. 

A daddy

A mentor

Someone to count on

What I see is plain and simple, you left our family. Now understand you're not perfect, and end our agony. To accept you again what I need to see, is a man who loves and forever supports me. But today all I see is a foolish old man, tempted by lust and his self-romance.


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