What I Do Second Best


Someone once asked me, why I always write


I said, Why does the moon come out every night?


That's how she breathes, she doesn't know how to cry


How lonely she'd be between the stars without her sky


And she only shines brighter with the craters on her chest


So when my heart is aching, I do what I do second best


Well why not first, why settle for less?


Because you can't say "I miss you" by the way that you dress


A new pair of shoes can't ask "Why'd you leave?"


You can't literally wear your heart on your sleeve


Sometimes I take the tears right out of my eye


And put them into song, but I can only sing so high


But with words there is not limit, no staying in time


No rules, no price tag, you don't even have to rhyme


So if I can't have a fairy tale, the ink and paper can


And I'll live happily ever after, with a pen in my hand




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