what I couldn't get out before

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 23:58 -- brybrom
I've always been the middle child.

Not just with my family but everywhere. It's a disease. The "I'm not loved but I'm not hated" disease. Before I begin, let me get this straight, most of the time I AM NOT COMPLAINING. It's pretty nice not having to check in 24/7 and be able to walk in past curfew unseen because they both fell asleep. Trust me I realize it's nice. but@ the same time the tramp has gotten old. Sleeping there one to many times because they forgot I was out and locked the doors thinking they were keeping the bad guys away.

me - "Dad I'm sick."

dad- "Drink a glass of water and go to sleep."

brother- *coughs once*

dad- *schedules 2 doctor appointments just to make sure everything is ok*


That's how it goes. My body has learned and my immune system has probably never been better. I think I am more prepared then they are. I try to help by making broccoli and carrots for dinner. Her new job has helped our home and I believe that I am actually feeling better but...

My sickness has now spread to my school. Teachers were different sophomore year then they are now. I don't know if they are scared of big senior me or they think I'm contagious. They see the disease sitting on my shirt and think if they acknowledge me then they'll catch it. but YOOHOOOO I'm over here and my shirt is clean. I promise you can ask me anything. Ask about my brother it's ok that you care. Ask me what I did this weekend or what I want for my birthday. Ask me anything you want just not nothing at all. I want to be known for me and not her. I want to feel like them &be recognized for my strengths and weaknesses. I want you to criticize me sir because this silence is louder than any harsh words. I'm done sitting in my desk letting this disease kill me.

Mr. I've been sick for sometime now and this time I don't think water and sleep will cure it.



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