What does love mean ?


What exactly does the word love mean ?


Extracting the emotions of every being OR 

Spiritually confined to the lust of sympathy ?


All in desperate need to be attached physically 

Mentally in tuned to each others chemistry 


Trying to caress thee


Yearning for the soul intellectually 


Does it mean being lied to and deceived 

Betrayed-ed with no means

Left scarred deep underneath ?


What exactly does it mean ?


Hypothetically connected to the inner Rhythms of the heartbeats 


That Intertwine


Something like the wilderness in the jungle 

When you climb


Is it like 

When your inclined 

Elevated and sitting High  ?


Blinded by the opposites affections they disguise 


What a Lie …

Missy Fulmer

This poem is about: 
Our world


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