What does the flag mean to me?

What does the flag mean to me? You want me to say something cliché Like freedom Joy Peace  But all in all to me the flag  Mean the exact opposite of free People would get mad  If I were to shout  America was never great But what they don't get is that they are stuck in a bubble called white privilege You don't understand the hardship  The struggle  The disrespect  the stares The spit  That black Americans get You will never understand that,  That flag will always be a symbol of slavery And the chains and bondage  That makes us sisters and brother  What does the flag mean to me? It means that we have no real definition of free We prance around declaring  "America, land of the free and home of the brave" But this was never home for the slave To get stared at because your black  To get beaten Kicked Lashed  And trashed Because you don't have a white mask Another man Shot  Dead  Killed  Because he wasn't the ideal America  That flag is the bondage that will forever hold us hostage  After Slavery was abolished We went on to think that we're free Chanting  "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we're free at last" But you didn't expect that you'd still be  fighting the same fight in 2017 We thought the chains would broken  That maybe America is the home of the free In actuality it's the same exact thing Getting pulled out of cars brutally murdered Still being denied our court orders So what does the flag mean to me? It means that we were never free to begin with That people like me don't have the same definition is free To be free walk down the street and you don't get stared at for walking while black That I am free to reach for my license  Without fear of being shot at Free to walk into at store bummy and they won't be afraid I'll still all their money So what does that flag mean to me? That we still have a lot to do  Before America is ever great

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