What Does America Mean To You?

Life is a list, of things good and bad

Things that make us happy, things that make us sad


We have a nice home, to give us shelter from a storm

This nice house, keeps us cozy and warm

To fill our bellies, we have all sorts of food

About going hungry, there is no need to brood

We go to school, to get a good education

To help find a job, in this growing nation

We go to church, to learn what is right

It helps with family problems, and teaches kids not to fight

Family and friends, are important too

They give us comfort, and help us know what to do

Every now and then, when in a stressful situation

We can’t just ignore, fun and vacation


Our country has values, shared commonly

Religion, freedom, and integrity

Compassion, mercy, and every virtue

Family, equality, and happiness too


Amidst all our comfort, let's not forget those in need

Those parents with children, they cannot feed

People are suffering, war is raging

Let's not take part in the hate, our earth is staging

As an American what can you do?

Spread what America means to you!



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