What Difference Does a Few Years Make?


What difference does a few years make?


A few years for babies makes a drastic difference!

A newborn can only process warm milk,

While the older is able to eat mushed apples.


A few years for toddlers makes a big difference.

The younger is proud to crawl,

While the older shows off how fast they can run.


In Elementary School, a few years difference is kind of a big deal.

The kindergartner learns how to hold a pencil.

The second grader begins writing in cursive.


In Middle School, a few years is somewhat different.

The 6th grader is adjusting to the school hallways on one side of the building.

An 8th grader has the halls memorized and is ready to move on.


For high schoolers, a few years difference in the hierarchy determines status.

Whatever the older says is "wiser" and "more important" than the younger's opinions.

However, both need to work together during after school activities. 


Once it's time for college, a few years difference is not as big of a deal.

Both are still questioned about their years;

So the younger can ask about a possible major 

And the older can speak informatively about their choice.

At this stage, the two can be in the same class.


A few years difference is sometimes put aside in the workforce.

The older may get the perks of seniority,

but a well-qualified younger can easily be hired as the boss.

This reverse in roles may create tension between the two. 


The younger and older continue through life...

Gradually people stop asking how many candles belong on their birthday cakes.

Instead of referring to specific years in pop culture, memories are categorized by decade.

Younger and older can now reminisce together under the generalized shared experience.

Together they continue to learn.



Either may go grey first.

Either can enter to win the lottery.

Either could run for president.

But most importantly...

BOTH have the capacity to love each other unconditionally.


What difference does a few years make?

Ultimately, none at all! 


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