What Did I Do?

What did I do wrong? 

To make her hate me so 

Is it because I’m different? 

Or is it more? 

What did I do to ruin her life? 

I didn’t mean to be conceived 

I didn’t mean to waste her money 

On all the things I need 

I didn’t mean to have red hair 

Or my dad’s blue-green eyes 

I didn’t mean to get abused and raped 

I never meant to lie 

I don’t mean to feel depressed 

I don’t mean to be a freak 

I didn’t mean to fall in love 

With a man older than me 

I didn’t mean to see through your act 

Or not care what you think 

I’m sorry I realized I deserve more 

And won’t let you manipulate me 

I apologize for never trusting you 

But, you never learned to love 

I am so glad I will escape soon 

And you’ll be sorry when I’m gone 


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