What is Depression?

What is depression?

It is a vile, insideous darkness that engulfs every aspect of a person.

If this darkness was a liquid, I would be drowning in it.

I have two stong, beautiful wings to fly away from it all,

But what good are wings when I am underwater

With an anchor of anxiety around my waist?

The darkness doesn't want me to breathe so it fils my lungs with lead.

It doesn't want me to think so it fills my head with hopelessness.

If depression was a person, they would be my lover.

They'd wrap me in their arms, kiss my neck, and whisper in my ear

Reminding me at every turn that I'm useless, I'm unwanted, and then pulling me back into bed.

How can I defend myself against what I cannot see?

How can I fight a war when the enemy is my own mind?

I am seriously ill.

But feeling blue is no reason to call in "sick" to work or skip class

Even though sometimes I can't even physically get out of bed.

I wish I had a better closing for this

Just like I wish I saw a way out of this situation in my everyday life.

But I don't.

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