What defines me..


  Im standing on top of a hill tired and out of breath yet i see how similar my way up that hill is to my life. while going up all i could think about was being at the peak yet there were times were i wanted to quit, yet seeing myself being so close to that peak is what kept me going. I wanted to reach that peak and did not intend on giving up no matter how hard the going got. Similar to my life there have been times where i feel that i'm never getting anywhere in life but succeeding at certain obstcles is what keeps me moving forward. My plan is to be somewhere big in life and i am sill pushing myself up to get to where i want to, just like I was pushing myself to reach that peak in the mountain. The similarity with nature and life is that in both you have control over what you do and where you want to go. You're are free to explore and continue to go up or give up and come tumbling down.


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