What Could it all Mean?


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Space can be compared to anything you might,
From a mystical journey to even a sweet delight
No one can know
Space: friend or foe
But even still we try with all our might.
To know why I write this, is to see through a thick mist
Knowing only what is told through ignorance is this,
Abruptly shooting past
"Why, space is so vast!"
Further and further into that dark and scary abyss
Is Space cursed territory or is it my starry home?
Mixed opinions causing war over the unknown
Aroused by nebulous danger
Not a soul to conquer their anger
But alas in this haphazard sky, we are alone.
“Unexplainable! Inexplicable!” Yes we have proved fools.
Only myths and images can tell of those bright jewels
Nothing to hide, nothing left to prove
Translated to heavens, we've made our move
In this dire world where confusion rules
Given a new start, rewarded with a fresh sky
Many more astral rays, so mysterious you wonder why
Is being there enough?
Or is there more to this stuff?
Vague stars blinding my vision with a lie.
“Hello, does anyone know what the definition of space is?
Not one of you can decipher a clue through black fizz?
No! Not a dictionary.
I’m not talking judiciary!
Go meet star reefs to take each dazzling quiz!”
It stares down at us, observing us everyday
Space, pointing out direction each and every way
Shapeless, just matter
Our beliefs should just scatter
No one knows what space is like, be as it may.
Space no longer bound by luxurious shapes.
What a wonder to see it must have been for the apes.
Crystal, yet inviting
Confusing, yet enticing
As admirable as the mind, color glistening beautiful drapes.
Shooting stars dashing through the sky with majestic grace…
“… Does anyone know the truth about space?”


Aviator Soul

An elementary school poem I had created long ago. Found it recently and was like, "Hey, this would cool to type up again."
I actually received rewards for this in Middle school along with a couple of other lost pieces of poetry. I wonder how many I can find...

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