What Could I Have Done to Change everything?

We've been through ups and downs
through laughter and some tears,
you've seen how my heart and brain
have been when filled with fear.

The thought of losing you
took control of my mind
and now I have to accept
that you're no longer mine. 

What could I have done to change everything?
I let jealousy take control,
I focused only on my emotions
and messed us up as a whole.

I let jealousy take me over
which eventually pushed you away.
the same thing day in and day out
not even all my crying would make a change.

What could I have done to change everything?
As I think now, I wouldn't change a thing.
I learned and realize that jealousy 
doesn't work in relationships.

You choose for us not to work at it
and that's something I will accept
you couldn't handle me at my worse
you don't deserve me at my best


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