What Can't I Live Without?


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What is the one thing I cannot live without?

There are so many to choose.

Family, food, writing,

Sight, touch, taste, hearing,

Music, movies, books,

Words, imagination and more.

How can I categorize these?

“You are important

And you can waste away?”

But I could live without

Any of those things, truly.

If I could never spell


It wouldn’t end my world.

There is one thing that

Would make this world

Just a little less livable

For a girl like me.

 I don’t want to lose Sadness.

Without that, I cannot know Happiness.

Pain cannot exist

Without Comfort.

Loss is nothing

If you hold nothing dear.

The only thing I can’t lose

Is my ability to feel.

Without that,

I don’t think I’d even be


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