What Can We Not

Sun, 03/20/2016 - 22:47 -- krazkat

What can we not live without

Our bird, friends, or chocolate fudge

Food, water, breath

What can we live without

A can opener

Construction paper



Let’s take the focus off me and put it on you

What can you not live without

Maybe for you it’s a nice book you can read in the corner to hide from everyone

Or maybe it’s you xbox

To do…

I’m not sure what to do with that I would chose the book over the xbox

I don’t care what you do with it

Maybe throw it at attacking monkeys or kangaroos


What can you live without

Your little sister

(hey they get pretty annoying)

Or maybe you can live without that nice book series

(Ha I can’t believe I just said that of course you can’t live without the books)


But what can I not live without

It doesn’t matter what I can live without

It only matters what I couldn’t get rid of

I couldn’t live without


We all need hope to get us out of that hard time

Yes, hope and a pencil and paper to write the hope down

That’s all anyone needs

Four letters



So every day go through with an attitude of hope

In the hard times think


Hope is all we need


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