What is Art?

I'd change your tolerance and guidance toward art.
It's socially acceptable now but we all have our opinions.
Some call it art and some call it trash.
We all have our opinions,
so vulgar and meager,
just trying to make a point.
Trying to make art.
It's what we feel when we look at it.
Does it provoke us
Does it entertain us
Or does it disturb us
What's art and what's not
Is it what provokes us or is it what stands out and declares itself to us.
Some call it art,
I call it dart.
It's got no place in this world.
We're leaving art to rote and bloat while we ride on.
When does it stop being art and becomes just plain old trashy
Or is this the norm
Do we all make provocative gestures
Ink symbols and labels into our skin and call it art
Before you know it,
you'll crumble and that's awful.
Is it the new age
Have we gone from an age of enlightenment to an age of darkness
Or I am just Victorian


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