What America Saw Her As

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 12:25 -- N.Meram

America isn't great, nor, will it ever be because

We sexualize young women but

tell them to wait until marriage. 

she cringed every time your fingertips traced down her back, pulling her closer to you.

And when they are filled with a man between

their legs, 

we forget the fact that she said no or

was drugged. 

she scrubbed and scrubbed until she was bleeding red but she could never wash you off her skin.

we only remember what she was wearing and

how much liquor was on her lips. 

When you kissed her, it was as if you shoved your tongue down her throat.

it doesn't matter that she said no and

consent was lacking because 

her lips are meant to sucked 

and her vagina is meant to be fucked. 

she should've left but she didn't know that this wasn't love.

She is

not a person, 

not your sister, 

not your mother, 

not your daughter, 

not you. 

she choked for air but you just continued on. 

Because America the great,

hides women who cry out for help.

She laid there, waiting for you to finish. 

burying rape between nonsense mainstream reports. 

She sees you everywhere; avoiding you at every turn, so she never have to relive your moments together. 

Because her screams aren't important nor,

will she ever be to

America the Great. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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