What am I?

Who am I?

They say I’m smart, meant for school

but I feel lost, with no real goals
I feel lost yet I find myself in the midst
of a genuine laughter or in a sincere cry

Who am I?
I’m a girl that reads to see many different lives

and I’m a girl that writes to know mine.
I’m the hidden details in big words

and the big idea in little ones

Who am I?

I’m the pens I’ve used describing beautiful sceneries

and I’m those two extra seconds

to get the right angle for a picture

Who am I?
I’m a recollection of memories and experiences
processed through a

All the planes, buses and cars I’ve traveled in

I’m a stranger in a country that’s not mine

using a language that limits me

I’m those nights when I feel lonely
I’m those times when I know the situation would be different
if she was here, with me
Who am I?

I’m you, looking for outer things

When really you should reach within
Wisdom tells me I’m nothing

Love tells me I’m everything
I’m in the middle

Who am I?
I’m still figuring it out

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