Welcome to the Jungle


Take a bite of the poison

It’s the fate that you’ve chosen


Eat it slow, swallow fast

Making each sensation last


Bittersweet tastes of heaven and hell

Take more; go on, you might as well


Consume the poison antidote 

Each second after turns your body afloat


Hours going by of pure bliss

Never had something quite like this


Pulling my soul away from my body

By a radiating magnetic army


Every second I move is another chance

For the magnets to pull, for them to dance


My innocence they steal away from me

They tear my soul and won’t let it be


After too long I feel the fear

Creeps up through me like a ghostly spear


Hours go by, but the clock remains 

Why won’t it move? Why won’t it change?


My memory fading after seconds of time

Taking away the bliss I thought was mine


Slurred drunken words as if I can’t speak

Laughing instead is what my vocals seek


My mind raining with confusion and pain

What was it I was looking to gain?


Drifting off back to a place I know

Where next will my mind go?


Consume the poison again someday?

The questions that leave my mind at replay


I like going up but hate coming down

Next time not so much, or else I may drown


If ever again I choose this road,

I know which turn I ought not to go


For now, I’ll brush off the poison’s sting

And just watch the tangled vines swing


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