Welcome to Imagination

Welcome to the wonderful world

of extraneous thoughts

and of consistent wonder.

Of staring off into space

and dreaming in class

of  other classes.

Welcome to the dreamland.


Enter into the realm

of not knowing

and wanting 

to know

and of learning

and wondering why you didn't know sooner.


Welcome to the time

of hearing

and thinking about what you heard 

and what it means

and where it came from.

Come on in to the house of bang and boom and crash!

To horns and drums and winds and strings

and magical, whimsical, wonderful things.


Welcome to the room of people 

who have rooms of memories

with images of things and dreams and wonderful thoughts

and things that can be and things that can not.



to imaginantion.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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