I have always been too heavy.

Not my thighs,

Or my hips,

Nor arms or stomach.

I’m not talking about the things people see.


The heaviest thing I carry is: me.


My heart - too weary,


My soul - too tattered.


Some days, it’s taxing to breathe.


But when I pick up a pen, 

Or hover my fingertips above a keyboard,

The weight relents it’s burden.


Turning my heartache into words

That might be beautiful,

I am given wings.


And I soar. 


I let waterfalls of stanzas 

Glide over my wounds,

I breathe in the crisp air of 

Free verse and wash myself

Of pain. 


When I feel too lost to find my feet,

And my heart too laden for rest,

Poetry finds me.

The artistry caresses me. 


When I hear frustration crackle

Through my mother’s words.

When my future looks like 

A goal I’ll never reach, 

My tears wrack through me 

And my shoulders sag.

And poetry finds me. 


Tear-stained pages and

Leaded words 

Gather me in an embrace.

I am welcomed home 

Inside of my poems;

No longer a disaster,

But so terribly human.

These words withhold all judgement. 


Poetry means that I can be me,

Sad, broken, lost, jubilant,

Terrified, wistful, hopeful

Urging, triumphant 



Inside pages upon pages,

I find abandon; the solace

To simply be.

The courage to be weak.

The freedom of devastation.


I have always been too heavy,

And poetry helps me breathe.


This poem is about: 



well written. you are stronger than you think 

strong enough to come back from the brink

strong enough to write what i can't say

strong enough to save someone's day

you'll always be strong enough


As someone who thrives on words as sweet as yours,

Thank You. 

As someone hoping to become a social worker,

Speaking with people who hurt too much 

Hoping to alleviate pain with my words,

Thank You. 

You don't know my name, 

only a fraction of my story

and you took the time to tell me that I am enough. 

From the deepest part of my heart, 

Thank You. 

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