Weight of the World

I blackout in the room again
a static mess of where I've been
I wake up in the classroom
and dare not bother asking
why all I see are faces, staring, judging me
Their voices there to dare me
my teacher's glare to scare me
and my soul, she sits beyond the door
she's curled up crying on the floor,
looking at what she's done
when the weight of all the world's gone wrong
wrong again
well, liars, they leave a guilty trail,
and let me tell you something, people
they've been lying for years
and that's exactly why I'm standing in this space
constantly over, and over, they're disregarding that they have created these monsters
they're on both of my sides,
so I wipe my blood all over their eyes
all over their eyes
and while I wait for my wound to heal,
this classroom cannot repeal my heart torn out with a plastic spoon
honesty will never light up this room
so I grasp for my teacher's teeth to clean
this mess that's been made of my dream
now you see what I've done?
when the weight of all the world's gone wrong
wrong again
this room is cold, and wide
and I fall onto the floor and wonder
"how did I get here?"
I was a little girl with a dream
go ahead, thump her head
she won't turn back to normal
you don't bother trusting me
you don't bother waiting 
for my brain
that doesn't seem to give into changing
you're letting me go away
I'm packed
whenever, I'll go
I'll really, really go


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