The Weight of Words

The joy and sadness of

Expressing one’s feelings

With measured words that

Are delivered with meaning

But disguised by necessity;

Heavy words made light

Filtered intentionally by context

Revealing only partial truth.

Very loved and so worth it:

I cannot begin to tell you

How much you mean to me;

Ironically those same words

You once said to me lightly

Are the very forbidden words

I cannot not say back to you

Because from my lips they weigh more

And cannot not be made lighter;

There is no disguise

And no other interpretation

They hang heavy in my heart

Fearful of being unveiled.


But today my heart surrenders

There’s no place left to hide

I need to face the music

And set aside disguise

I hope you will forgive me

And I hope it’s not too late

Would you be willing my love

To go out with me on my first date?



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