There's a crime in the mind

Of a man who rhymes about the common day times

The man who spreads lies in the form of tongue tied twists

Thats the guy who told you your fists are worthless

But youre the one who believed that lie

Thinking that youre worth less than the man next to you

There are things you need to do

Things that cant be searched on bing

Have the government perched on stand by

Dont think your merch is whats important wheres the money all go

I guess youd be lucky to be in control

Its all barred there aint no holds

Freedom is worth its weight in gold

Thats why you need money to live

What gives us the thought its okay for paper to rule

Sounds like a dictatorship from old

Just relabeled so it can be sold

You ever seen the depression of a grown soul

Losing mola at a poker table

Then he gets labeled a gambler

For trying  to tango with fate

I dont blame him theres always a date we cant say no to

That one thing we just have to do

Maybe I’m one of the few

Who believes in these things we do

Maybe I’m one of the few who believes theres some truth

Something that cant be said in a booth

Something more solid n a tooth

Something higher than the roof

Something more important than youth

And not one of us seems to even have a clue

Hitler thought the jews were the ones that knew

The demons are just waiting for their que to do war with earth

Reduce our society to soiled dirt

hard to guess our warning was on that dudes shirt I mean its hard to believe your savior when he delivers with a smirk

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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