We Will Make It If We Try



We all want success, we want to get the taste of happiness

Yet we sit around as days, weeks, even months go by; not putting forth our very best

They say it doesnt matter where you came from, It's about where you end up

Yet we are content with where we are and stand there firmer than a tree stump

The sky is our limit, yes this is true

But please keep in mind that there are footprints on the moon

It's time to let go of all our doubts and fears about what the future may hold 

And realize that it only takes one step to get closer to gold 

So go out there and do that one thing that will grant you happiness until the day you die

And please believe me when I say "we WILL make it.. if we try."

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Imani Sophia

Very impowering piece of work, and important for young and old ears. An important message to keep on trying


Thank you so very much Imani!

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