We Should Break Up.

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 15:17 -- ejensen

We should't be together

We shouldn't have our say

There is no us, there is no we

We've faded like your torn blue jeans

I've forgotten your face

Somewhere in time and space we

Could have laughed at all the silly people


I am a man who has lost his nerve

I am someone who is lost yet found

I need to sleep in the in between spaces

And you are not welcome there


You don't make breathing easy darling

You don't make silence sweet

We move like glaciers as we sit in the leather front seat

I'm at a point where your smile no longer melts me

And I laugh at all the blood you've spilled


Oh my broken bird, oh my feathered friend

We've had our time, there's nothing left to find

You've scavenged, and scraped and my heart is now mine

I can be released now into the wild,

And I will not look back

The ferns engulf me, and I do not waver. 


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