We The People

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 20:03 -- lexig67


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“We the People”
The government likes to say
Pretend they’re on your side
But they’ll betray you any day
The officials say they “protect you”
But that’s not really true
They’ll throw you under the bus
And even frame you
As long as the judges get their money
Which a great deal they TAKE and receive,
They don’t really care about you or evidence
And Police lies they’ll believe
“But- But- I’m innocent
The weed truly wasn’t mine!
The cops implanted it on me
Just to get money from the fines”
But NO, they’ll never believe us
Cops Word vs. Teen
They are “higher than us”
And “more honest” as it seems
But the truth is most cops are liars
And just because we are young
Doesn’t mean we should allow this INJUSTICE
Bitter taste upon my tongue
Fellow young teens of my kind,
We feel insignificant but we are worthy
And so are our fresh minds
We are young, yet we have rights
The government must understand
We can’t let “The System” use us and abuse us-
We have to take a stand!



We can't let the system keep us down!

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