As We Lay


As we lay, deep breathing, of a passion filled night. 

The room smelled, of the purest of intimacy, 

from your body to mine. 

And, my feelings are not your feelings, and

 you're not feeling what I'm feeling, 

and yet, 

We lie here, next to one another, 

but not next to each other.

Why do we own this?

Posses this? And engage in this emptiness? 

Feelings we know aren't real, superficial, 

and fake to say the least, but we continue. 

And in the morning will we regret what we've done? 

Because all that is, was, or never will be. 

It's just a thought! As I lie here, next to you 

never once mumbling a single word. 

And we both knew, what we've done was simple, 

to fill an emptiness, a void, a desolate place, 

but not in our hearts, nor our mind,

 it's just a thought, 

as I lie here, next to you, 

never once mumbling a single word. 


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