We have a dream


I life, we have a dream

It is not easy to reach as it seems

Education, integrity, and diligently

The only ways to reach your dreams


In life, we need education

Without education, there is no succession

For education, I'm going to college

And then I'll work hard to earn my graduation


In life, not everyone like school

Don't like school? You have to work hard like a bull!

I like school, I'm going to college

Because college is what would help me successful


I know that ollege is very expensive

I need to find and apply for some scholarships

To tick for a chance to win some money

So I can pay for my college expenses


What I'm pursuing, I know exactly

I want to work in the field related to cardioloy

I want to becomea cardiologist

Even I know that I'll have to work diligently


We have a dream, and we'll make it come true

Your future is depending on you

It's in your hands, don't never ever drop it

Work hard to make dreams come true


If I have a chance to win $1000

I would use it to pay my college tuition

And if some money left, I'll buy books

I would use $1000 only for my education.

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  I think dreams are what we all have and to be successful is like making a dream comes true. I believe that education played an important role on your path of success, I made this poem to tel why I tick for a chance to win this sholarship and share how would I spend the money for education. I hope you would enjoy it.

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