We Have Created Existence

Devoid of emotion

Devoid of thought

What are we?


Have we ceased to exist?

Have we lost our humanity?

It seems we are nothing


Nothingness so pure, that it seems it has meaning

It has sense

It has life

But in reality, it’s simply nonexistent in a way that seems compelling

That seems real

That seems important


Without individualism

Without central consciousness

What are we?


Have we forgotten who we are?

Have we left the earth?

It seems we never existed


So much nonexistence that it seems it has mass

It has consistency

It has substance

Yet objectively, its weightlessly disappeared, is if it was never there

Because it wasn’t there

Because it will never be


No existence

No concrete meaning

Are we here at all?


Have we ever lived?

Or are we born dead,

Never to truly breathe?


A meaningless part of the masses is the individual

The masses constructed on

Weightlessness, nothingness

So the question is what is the definition of nothing?

Something has to exist

For nothing to exist


Have we created something?

By being nothing?

Everything needs an opposite


Quite possibly, our nonexistence

Has made way for

Something, everything, to exist


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